Young Adult Paranormal Romance

A novice sworn to vengeance struggles to honor her vows when she’s thrust into an immortal world of intrigue and treachery.

Raised in a convent devoted to a slain goddess, Nyada has vowed to avenge her divine ancestor. When fate binds her to the killer—Perun, the jealous god of storms—she’s determined to sabotage their wedding and crush him, even if it means death.

But Perun isn’t the monster she’s been trained to hate. Soon Nyada is trapped in a web of lies, half-truths, and the threat of exposure from a wily serpentine god who offers to keep her secret purpose quiet . . . for a price.

If Nyada can abandon her promise and give her heart to a volatile god who’s been tamed by her siren’s voice, eternal bliss awaits.

If not, she’ll unleash a fury no one will survive.

STATUS: in revisions.

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