Young Adult Fantasy

A forbidden secret sparks a perilous journey.

Banned from her parents’ yearly visits with the Merfolk, sixteen-year-old Sofi schemes to stow away the next time their boat sails. When her actions reveal a hidden truth, the plan backfires, imprisoning her mother in the mermaid queen’s lair.

The price of freedom? Journey deep into the forest and bring back an ancient magic stolen from the sea.

But that fearsome power is wielded by a cold-blooded enchantress desperate to keep control. And she’s determined to send this new challenger home as crushed and broken as every girl who came before.

A story of loss, courage, and dark desires, WORSE THAN WICKED is perfect for readers who relish fantasy, adventure, and the lure of the supernatural.

STATUS: preparing for publication.

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Young Adult Fantasy Romance

She longs to learn his secret weakness.

He wants to win her heart.

Raised in a convent devoted to a slain goddess, eighteen-year-old Nyada has sworn to avenge her divine ancestor. When fate binds her to the killer—Perun, the jealous god of storms—she vows to bring him down, even if it means her death.

Then she discovers there’s more to Perun than what the Elders taught. Yes, he’s passionate, as wild and fierce as the winds he controls, and full of bluster. But there’s another side to this volatile deity: charming, attentive, and anxious to make up for past errors.

Yet the gods are masters of intrigue and seduction, and Nyada can’t be sure if Perun’s regret is real or feigned. Though she yearns to accept his love, the convent is depending on her to sabotage the wedding. Soon she’s trapped in a web of lies, half-truths, and the threat of exposure from a serpentine god who offers to keep quiet . . . for a price.

If Nyada can abandon her promises and trust a god who swears by his remorse, immortal life awaits. If not, she could be his next victim.


STATUS: in revisions

Perun, the jealous thunder god

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