Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Raised in a convent devoted to a slain goddess, Nyada lives in fear of the killer—Perun, the jealous god of storms. When a twist of fate binds them, Nyada begins a dangerous charade that forces her to play a double role. To all appearances, she’s blissfully delighted at the prospect of becoming his bride. But her smiles are as false as her declarations of joy, for Nyada is a girl determined to avenge her divine ancestor.

To Nyada’s surprise, the fiery god destined to be her mate unexpectedly charms her. Yes, he’s as tempestuous as the storms he brews, but there’s a gentler side to him, a kindness few see. He isn’t the monster she was taught to hate.

And that changes everything.

With the marriage ceremony fast approaching—and a sly snake of a god threatening to expose her scheme—Nyada must decide: will she honor her oath of vengeance, or take her place beside a god she was never supposed to love?

Perun, god of storms








STATUS [3-19]: back from editor, revising.

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