Young Adult Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Nyada is one trial away from full acceptance by a convent filled with half-human, half-divine descendants of the mermaid goddess, Jūratė. Only those who summon amber from the Baltic Sea with their sirens’ voices can stay. But failure is the least of Nyada’s worries after she harvests an enchanted jewel and fulfills an ancient decree. Now she’s betrothed to Perun, the volatile god of storms who unwittingly killed Jūratė.

Swept into his immortal world, Nyada begins a dangerous charade, feigning delight at their impending marriage while pledging to avenge her divine ancestor. Her plan? Bewitch Perun, learn his weakness, and destroy him without jeopardizing her sisters.

But Perun isn’t the monster she was taught to hate. Yes, he’s as wild as the tempests he brews, but there’s a gentler side to him, an unexpected kindness that makes Nyada question her oath of vengeance. With the wedding hours away, and the means to Perun’s downfall in her hands, Nyada must decide if she’ll honor her oath or take her place beside a god she wasn’t supposed to love.


Perun, god of storms







STATUS [6-19]: querying agents.

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