Perun, god of storms

I’ve finished workshopping my latest book, THE THUNDER GOD’S BRIDE, a paranormal romance based on Lithuanian mythology. In the grand tradition of Charles Dickens and others, I’ve decided to offer it as a serial. I’ll be posting at least one chapter a week and I’m looking forward to your comments.

Here’s the blurb:

For five hundred years, every daughter of the mermaid goddess, Jūratė, has called out amber from the Baltic Sea with her siren’s voice. For Nadzia, that’s a blessing and a curse. She’s happy to reap the precious jewels that help her convent thrive.

But in a cruel twist of fate, one novice will summon a jewel that binds her to Perun, the lusty god of storms whose rage unwittingly killed her divine ancestor. He’s had centuries to atone. Now it’s time to claim a bride.

When Perun’s enchanted stone washes ashore at her feet, Nadzia pretends to be thrilled about the marriage, even as she plots his destruction. If the magic of her voice can bewitch the god she loathes, she’ll find a way to crush him without jeopardizing her sisters.

Except Perun isn’t the monster she was taught to hate. Yes, he’s as wild as the tempests he brews, but there’s a gentler side to him, an unexpected kindness that puzzles her. Is everything she learned about him wrong or is his affection false? As the wedding approaches and Nadzia learns Perun’s secret weakness, she must choose between revenge or ruling beside a god she was never supposed to love.

The first chapter will be up this week.

Thanks for reading.