I’ve seen this on several blogs and thought it would be fun to do. Have you read these? Any others you’d recommend?


THE ALCHEMIST, Paolo Coelho. A wonderful read, and  written in just two weeks! I love the idea of a “personal legend” and how the universe will “conspire” to help you achieve your goals. Some dialogue can come across as a bit patronizing, but overall it’s a true “feel-good” read.


ALPHABET OF THORN, Patricia McKillip. One of my all-time favorite fantasy writers. This book is the story of the orphan Nepenthe, a scribe who translates an obscure book and learns her destiny is linked to a queen. Gorgeous writing, compelling plot. If you haven’t read McKillip, try this.



THE AMARANTH ENCHANTMENT, Julie Berry. This is Berry’s debut novel, and it truly is enchanting. A mysterious visitor and an even more bizarre piece of jewelry change the life of a young woman indebted to a cruel aunt. A quick and satisfying read.



THE ARKADIANS, Lloyd Alexander. This book has a perfect story arc, a plot that keeps you turning pages, and a cast you’ll cheer on–even the rascals. One of Alexander’s best, with twists on Greek mythology and a young woman who doesn’t take guff from anyone. Fun and fast-paced.



ACE OF SHADES, Amanda Foody. Described as “dark and enticing” with a protagonist who’s more resilient than she appears, thieves, rogues, and assorted shady characters.



AIR AWAKENS, Elise Kova. A library assistant discovers an unknown power in herself. It has a theme similar to my book—embrace sorcery and change the world or learn to live without magic—so I’m really interested in seeing how the story is crafted.