Young Adult Fantasy

Absolute power. Absolutely bewitching.

Desperate to free her mother from the Merfolk’s prison, sixteen-year-old Sofija agrees to bring back an ancient magic stolen from the sea. But after bruising encounters with scheming sprites, hostile Gypsies, and a coven of hedgewitches ready to erase her memories, Sofi can’t resist using her hard-won powers.

Now the girl who loves fairy tales is devising enchantments as grim as any in her books and plotting to rule the Baltic Sea. Why pay ransom when she can control everything?

As the deadline for her mother’s release nears, Sofi must find the strength to give up the sorcery that enthralls her or risk a war with the mermaid queen that will destroy everything she holds dear.

A fast-paced, dark fantasy adventure, WORSE THAN WICKED is perfect for readers who enjoy the lure of the supernatural.

STATUS: available at Amazon.

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