Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

A forbidden secret sparks a perilous journey.

All her father’s riches can’t buy what Sofija wants most: a chance to be seen for herself, not the girl born with a starfish etched on her cheek—the mark of Lithuania’s sea goddess. Convinced a visit to the Merfolk will fix things, Sofi dreams of a life without stares and whispers, only to see her plans crushed when she learns a hidden truth about her family. Now her mother is the mermaid queen’s prisoner, held captive in a cave guarded by a wraith.

The price of freedom? Journey deep into the forest and challenge a coven of hedgewitches for an ancient magic stolen from the Baltic Sea, a power that grants its bearer absolute control. But that fearsome sorcery is wielded by a cold-blooded enchantress, and she’s determined to send Sofi home as crushed and broken as every contender who came before.

Because once Sofi casts a spell, she won’t be able to stop.

A story of loss, courage, and dark desires, WORSE THAN WICKED is perfect for readers who enjoy the lure of the supernatural

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