Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

A forbidden secret sparks a perilous journey.

Born with a red starfish etched on her cheek, sixteen-year-old Sofi thinks visiting the Merfolk will cure her loneliness, and dreams of the honors they’ll bestow upon the girl who bears the mark of Lithuania’s sea goddess. But her plans crumble when she learns the hidden truth about her family. Now her mother is the mermaid queen’s prisoner, alone in a cave guarded by a wraith.

The price of freedom? Journey deep into the forest and challenge a coven of hedgewitches for an ancient magic stolen from the Baltic Sea, a power that grants its bearer absolute control.

But that fearsome sorcery is wielded by a cold-blooded enchantress, and she’s determined to send Sofi home as crushed and broken as every contender who came before.

Because once Sofi casts a spell, she won’t be able to stop.

A story of loss, courage, and dark desires, Worse Than Wicked is perfect for readers who enjoy the lure of the supernatural.

STATUS: available at Amazon.

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