Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

Absolute power. Absolutely bewitching.

Desperate to free her mother from the Merfolk’s prison, sixteen-year-old Sofija agrees to challenge the thieves who stole an ancient magic from the Baltic Sea. But after brutal encounters with scheming sprites, hostile Gypsies, and a coven of hedgewitches ready to erase her memories, Sofi can’t resist using the power she’s promised to return.

Now the girl who loves fairy tales is casting spells as grim as any in her books and plotting to overthrow the mermaid queen who sent her on a perilous journey. Turnabout is fair play, after all.

If only she knew . . . the force she wields has a mind of its own.

A story of loss, courage, and dark desires, Worse Than Wicked is perfect for readers who relish fantasy, adventure, and the lure of the supernatural.


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